1) Should I choose a DJ or Band for my wedding or special event?
Your choice is a matter of personal preference, but other key factors include the location of your event and your budget. Let our experienced consultants guide you in making this very important decision.

2) How much does a DJ or Band cost?
The price varies depending on the DJ or band and the date and number of hours of your event. If you call and speak to one of our consultants, they will be able to give you more information regarding availability and price. Our price range for DJ`s for a wedding is $750-$1500 and our price range for bands is $1,800-$7,500. Bat/BarMitzvah pricing ranges from $1000-$2500 and private parties is $500-$1000.

3) How many hours will they play at my wedding?
For a wedding reception, the DJ`s will play for 5 continuous hours and the Bands will play for 4 hours. However, you can add an hour or customize your event to fit your specific needs.

4) Do they own their own equipment?
Yes, all of our entertainers own their own equipment and will bring it with them to your special event. They have all invested a lot of money to make sure that their equipment is suitable for any event.

5) Do they do the set up and tear down their own equipment?
They will arrive early to set up and will tear down when the reception or special event ends. Set up and tear down time is not considered performance time.

6) Do they play continuously?
The DJ`s will play for continuous hours. The bands will play for 4 hours, unless otherwise specified, with a few breaks in between, but will play CD`s during that time they are taking a break. Keep in mind that the entertainers will customize your event and can play more or less hours depending on what you`re looking for.

7) What type of music will they play?
If you are getting a DJ, they all have music from the 40`s up until today so they can play just about anything that you request. They will customize your event and if you want them to play something specific you can let them know ahead of time and they`ll be sure to honor your requests. If you choose a band, you may receive a song list so you know exactly what type of music they will be playing.

8) Do I get to choose any of the music that they play?
Yes, if there are certain songs that you would like to be played, you will have the opportunity to discuss that with your entertainer. If you have a DJ, they will most likely have many of the popular songs that are played at weddings. You can always bring a certain song or type of music if the DJ does not have it. If you have a band playing at your wedding, some are of a specific genre (swing, jazz, oldies, etc.) and you will be able to consult with them as far as what music they can play and what you would like them to play. If you choose Big Day Entertainment, you will receive an information packet in which you can help the DJ or Band to customize your event and to make sure you are all on the same page.

9) Will they act as my master of ceremonies?
Yes, our entertainers will act as your master of ceremonies and make all of the annoucements for your wedding or special event. They will receive your information ahead of time so that they come completely prepared for your event.

10) What if there is a song or style of music that I don`t want them to play?
In our information packet that you will download from our website (see information packet under entertainment tab), you will be able to make note of any particular songs or styles that you do not want them to play. Even if they get requests to play that song, they will honor your decision not to play it.

11) How will I make sure that they pronounce our names correctly?
In our information packet there is also a page where you can spell out everyone`s name phonetically so the entertainer will not pronounce anyone`s name incorrectly.

12) Do I get to speak to my DJ or band leader before my event?
About 1 week prior to your event, your band leader or DJ will contact you to go over all of the details and to make sure that everything is clear and concise between both parties.

13) Do I need to make an appointment to choose a DJ or band?
It is recommended that you make an appointment to meet with one of our consultants so you can sit down and go over all of the details and to watch some of our sample videos. However you can also book any of our services over the phone. Our band/DJ promotional videos are available on our website. Our consultants are available during regular business hours and evenings and weekends as well and can work around your schedule to set up appointments.

14) Frequently requested - Top 200 Songs